“An Afternoon with Lea” – 10 Year Anniversary Photoset

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On February 2, 2015 I will celebrate my 10th anniversary of photographing the nude female figure.  These 10 years have been a wonderful process of working on myself as a photographer and as a person.  Expressing the beauty of the female figure is a privilege I do not take lightly.   I have learned to collaborate with my models, seeing them as an indispensable part of creating together beautiful images.  Workshops and retreats with George DeWolfe, Margaretta Mitchell, and Kim Weston along the way have honed my skills, editing, and very way of seeing.  I am working on a pictorial tribute to all of the models with whom I have worked.  That publication is planned for February 2nd, so stay tuned  :o)

For now, I am proud to present to you “An Afternoon with Lea,” my last photoshoot in this ten year period of time, as the 10th year anniversary commemorative photoset of Frank Leonard’s nude photography.  Enjoy!