72 Image Ongoing Body of Work

I have decided to create a 72 image body of work because that is how many 16 x 22 framed prints can comfortably hang in my gallery, giving enough space for each to have some breathing room.  So, the 72 images in this online catalog will change, as a new framed print goes up in my gallery, and another comes down.  By limiting myself to 72 images, I am forced to take photos out that have long been favorites.  But if I limit myself to 72, then the body of work should continue to evolve into a better and better body of work.  That is my hope.  Please come back and visit once in a while to see the progression of my work.

Thank you,


A Time Gone By-c80.jpgAbsorption-c87.jpgAlaskan Odyssey-c39.jpgAltar of the Moon-c90.jpgAndromeda Galaxy M31-c60.jpgAngel-c97.jpgAt Ease-c71.jpgBald Eagle and Eaglet - Homer Alaska-c90.jpgBarebacks-49-c56.jpgBehold The Kinddom-c45.jpgBig Dipper Reflection-c16.jpgCelestial Dance-c6.jpgComet Hyakutake-c36.jpgConnected-c87.jpgConsciousness-c76.jpgCrossings-c57.jpgDancing Under The Moon-c85.jpgDantes View Death Valley-c20.jpgDeath Valley Flight-c65.jpgDeja-c72.jpgDipping Into The Moon-c47.jpgEarth Goddess-c69.jpgFairy Lights-c71.jpgFerns-c99.jpgGlacier Point-c71.jpgGrandeur-c24.jpgHaleakala - 10000 Feet-c43.jpgHanging The Moon-c42.jpgHeart-c100.jpgHomage-c83.jpgHowl-c69.jpgIn The Grand Scheme Of Things-c3.jpgInto The Wild-c7.jpgLast Light-c54.jpgMaria Silhouette-c72.jpgMelanie-c4.jpg

Moab Backcountry-c87.jpgMoon Behind Lathe Arch-c69.jpgMoon Flight-c32.jpgMoon Rider-c21.jpgMoonrise Over Bristlecone-c30.jpgMountaintop Blessing-c51.jpgMusic of the Cosmos-c15.jpgFull moon closeupNature Goddess-c29.jpgOver The Portal-c5.jpgPainting The Light-c60.jpgSara at Wildcat 1-c44.jpgSara at Wildcat 2-c91.jpgScout-c29.jpgSentinel Tree Bristelecone Pine-c92.jpgSister Moon-c12.jpgSlot Canyon Yoga-c99.jpgSolitude-c7.jpgStretch-c85.jpgSummer-c28.jpgThats How The Light Gets In-c8.jpgThe Dancers-c75.jpgThe Nest-c21.jpgThe Nude As Nature-c1.jpgThe Rings of Saturn-c14.jpgThe Star Gazer.jpgTina.jpgTomorrow.jpgUniverse Creator.jpgVenus Moon Jupiter.jpgVernal Falls.jpgWe Are Stardust.jpgWings.jpgYellowstone Bison.jpgYosemite Birch Trees.jpgYosemite Falls Morning.jpg