Desert Scenes

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These photographs come from my recent 10 day road trip to Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley National Park, and Bristlecone National Park.  While a few images were not technically taken in desert country, the majority of them are, and all of them reflect the wonders of our national treasures.

01-Tehachipi Pass.jpg02-Dusk.jpg03-Cholla Sunrise.jpg04-Catcher in the Cholla.jpg05-Joshua Tree.jpg06-Keys View - Joshua Tree National Park.jpg07-First Light - Joshua Tree National Park.jpg08-Joshua Tree National Park.jpg09-Joshua Tree National Park.jpg10-Desert Cottonwood.jpg11-Split Rock.jpg12-Salton Sea Foreground.jpg13-Along Highway 395.jpg14-Phoenix to Death Valley.jpg15-Highway 395.jpg16-Motorcycle Heaven.jpg17-Death Valley Ahead.jpg18-Zabriskie Point - Death Valley.jpg19-Death Valley Sunset.jpg20-Death Valley Sunrise.jpg21-Death Valley Sand Dunes.jpg22-The Last Supper - Rhyolite Nevada.jpg23-Ghost Town Labyrinth.jpg24-Titus Canyon Road View.jpg25-The Road Ahead.jpg26-Titus Canyon Walls.jpg27-Leaving Titus Canyon.jpg28-Ubehebe Crater - Death Valley.jpg

29-Death Valley Floor.jpg30-Jet Over Eureka Sand Dunes.jpg31-Eureka Sand Dunes - Death Valley.jpg32-Desert Textures.jpg33-Moon Over Eureka Sand Dunes.jpg34-Death Valley - Eureka Sand Dunes.jpg35-Desert Bouquet.jpg36-Entering Bristlecone Pines National Park.jpg37-View from Bristlecone Pines National Park.jpg38-Bristlecone National Park View.jpg39-Bristlecone Ranges.jpg40-Bristlecone Pine.jpg41-Looking Up through Bristlecone Pine.jpg42-Ancient Face in Ancient Bristlecone.jpg43-Rabbit Tracks at 11000 Feet.jpg44-Colors of Bristlecone Pine.jpg45-Moon Over Bristlecone Pines.jpg46-Bristlecone Reach.jpg47-Bristlecone Moon.jpg48-Moonrise Over Bristlecone.jpg49-Bristlecone Panorama.jpg50-Mono Lake.jpg51-High Sierra Aspen.jpg52-Alpine Lake - High Sierras.jpg53-Mosquito Lake - High Sierra.jpg54-Mosquito Lake - Highway 4.jpg