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When working outdoors with boudoir and/or nude figure photography, there is always a chance that someone can walk into view. Some places you can almost count on that, while others are much less likely. It is wise to have a long, light coat that you can put on in the event people are passing by.

My favorite areas to shoot are along the Pacific Coast, near Davenport, and at the accessible parts of Moonrocks. Within a very short distance there are several marvelous places for boudoir and/or nude figure photography.


MOONROCKS – Moonrocks is a very safe and a fairly private place to shoot. It provides a wide contrast between hills of burned out manzanita trees above, and creekside water scenes below, about a 30 minute hike along a trail down to the creek.

PANTHER BEACH – Panther Beach is a beautiful place to shoot, although one more likely to have other people on the beach.   It is very close to Davenport.

THE STAND OF CYPRESS TREES ACROSS FROM DAVENPORT – It’s surprising how few people wander along these cliffs.  With a coat to throw over yourself if necessary, this can be a magical place to shoot as sunset nears.

THE TUNNEL SCENE – Also near Davenport is “The Tunnel Scene.”  I haven’t shot there yet, but it is very private and would be best shot mid to late afternoon.

WADDELL CREEK – Waddell Creek is about a 15 minute drive north of Davenport.  It is possible to achieve a high degree of privacy at this location.

THE OCTOPUS TREE – The Octopus tree is about 30 minutes north of Davenport.  Running across other people is rare.

Finally, two additional locations that are not on the coast.

FALL CREEK – Fall Creek is a quiet place, with not a lot of other hikers.  The descent in is gentle enough, and there are some pretty spots.  Lots of trees and shade.  I recommend shooting in here at mid day, to provide as much sunlight as possible.

THE FINAL LOCATION IS MY BACKYARD  :o)    It’s private, and there’s also access to my studio, for any studio shooting.  It’s not a big backyard, but it’s got a few possibilities.

Well, there you have it for now.  I am always looking for new locations.

:o)  Frank.