For a portrait photoshoot, indoors or out, contact frank@frankleonardphotography.com or call 831-345-5496.


I would love to do your portrait photography.  I can either photograph you here in my studio, or outdoors, or I can travel to your home or business.   I have excellent camera, backround, and lighting equipment, that I can set up anywhere.  I live in Ben Lomond, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, very near Santa Cruz, California.  I do not charge for travel time or gas, unless you live farther than 50 miles from Santa Cruz.  If you are farther away than 50 miles, I charge a flat $50 fee to help with time and gas.

My working rate for portrait photography is $50 per hour, whether that is taking the photographs or editing them.  What you will initially receive from me is an online album of proof images from our shoot.  The proofs will only have basic cropping and brightening/darkening done to them.  After you have picked your favorites (no minimum or maximum number of images), I will complete the editing on them, adjusting for color balance, cleaning up any distractions in the backround, and retouching.  At that point I will burn the final images onto a CD and send them to you, in full resolution.  The CD is yours to do with as you wish.  I am not a photographer that makes you buy prints from me.   All the images you choose become yours, to do with as you wish.

Here is an example of my pricing for a  typical photoshoot:

Shooting time:  60 minutes (my minimum shooting time is 1 hour)

Preparing proofs:  45 minutes

Final Editing:  5 minutes per chosen image, so if you chose 20 images:  100 minutes (let’s round that off to 90 minutes   :o)

That’s a total of 3.25 hours times $50/hr, for a total cost to you of $162.50.  And once again, for that $162.50 you would receive a CD, with your favorite 20 images fully edited and in full resolution.  Full resolution means that if you wanted to print a life-size poster from one of your images, you could do so  :o)



“Just wanted to let you know that my mom and I (and a few close friends lol) went through the final prints and they came out amazing!  You did a wonderful job and I just wanted to thank you for making this part of my senior year so great and memorable. As you can probably tell, we’re very happy with how they came out!  So thank you 🙂  I will be sure to refer you to all of my friends or anyone else asking me where to get good pictures taken, especially by the beach 🙂  You have a gift Mr. Leonard!  Thank you again!” – Margaret


“Enclosed is the check for the photo shoot and photos.  You weren’t kidding about being reasonable!  The quality of the shots was first-rate and I’m sure I’ll find a use for all of these eventually.  Hopefully our paths will cross again in the near future!  Thank you again for your excellent work!” – Paul