This first set of photos comes from our 2009 trip to Peru. I will be adding in more travel photosets in the very near future.

c1-Leaving Peru.jpgc11-Machu Picchu.jpgc2-Andean Nirvana.jpgc2-The Descent from Wayna Picchu.jpgc30-The Southern Cross.jpgc31-Rainbow in the Andes.jpgc32-Beautiful Peruvian Lady.jpgc32-Young Boy on the Floating Island of Uros.jpgc33-Lima Basilica.jpgc33-Machu Picchu Flower.jpgc36-Spices from Peru.jpgc39-Puno Sunrise.jpgc4-Southern Cross Sky.jpgc41-Day of Labor on Lake Titicaca.jpgc42-Face in the Window.jpgc5-Cuzco Balcony.jpgc5-Left on a Shelf.jpgc50-A Feast of Colors.jpgc50-Color Brightens Everything.jpgc50-Where The Men Knit And The Women Gaze Out To Sea-2.jpgc52-Cornucopia.jpgc53-A Once and Future King.jpgc53-Peru Countryside.jpgc54-Peruvian Vendor.jpgc56-Andes Grandeur.jpgc58-Ariana on Uros.jpgc59-Crossing of Cultures.jpgc60-The Colorful People of Peru.jpgc62-Lake Titicaca.jpgc62-Timeless Peru.jpgc62-Wayna Picchu Silhouette.jpgc63-Llamas in Peru.jpgc63-Street Soccer in Peru.jpgc63-Youngsters in Peru.jpgc65-Puno Musicians.jpgc66-The River Below - Machu Picchu - Wayna Picchu.jpgc67-Peruvian Marketplace.jpgc70-A Beautiful Peruvian Woman of Color.jpgc71-Wayna Picchu.jpgc72-Peruvian Profile.jpgc74-Sunrise Shadows in Puno.jpgc75-Cuzco Contrasts.jpgc75-Transportation.jpgc79-Entreaty.jpgc79-Machu Picchu Bound.jpgc81-View from Taquile Island - Lake Titicaca.jpgc85-Above the Andes.jpgc85-Seeing Each Other.jpgc87-On the Road to Puno.jpgc89-Taquile Island Visionary.jpgc9-Taquile Island - Lake Titicaca - Columbia in the Distance.jpgc93-Out for a Stroll in Peru.jpgc94-Peruvian Green Door.jpgc94-Soaking in the Wonder of Machu Picchu.jpg